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Daily Prayers

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Glory to thee, our God, glory to thee.




Jesus Love for You.


Holy Father

My child, I love  you.

I love you unconditionally.
I love you good or bad with no strings attached.
I love you like this because I know all about you.
I have known you ever since you were a child.
I know what I can do for you and.
I know what I want to do for you.

Holy FatherMy child, I accept you.

I accept you just as you are.
You don't need to change yourself.
I'll do the changing when you are ready.
I love you just as you are.
Believe this for I assure you it is true.

Holy FatherMy child, I care about you.

I care about every big and little thing that happens to you.
I care enough to do something about it.
Remember this.
I will help you when you need me. Ask me.
I love you. I accept you. I care about you.


Holy FatherMy child, I forgive you.

I forgive you and my forgiveness is complete.
It is not like that of humans who forgive but cannot forget.
I love you and my arms are open with love that asks.
Please come here! Come here to me.                                                    I forgive you.
Do not carry your guilt another moment.
I carried it all for you on the Cross.
Believe this. It is true.

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